5th generation idol EASTSHINE, team reorganization from 7 to 5

11 Jun 2024
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[Herald Economy = Senior reporter Seo Byung-ki] TM Entertainment officially announced regarding the future activities of idol group EASTSHINE.

KARIS and YOUNGGWANG, one of the members of EASTSHINE, announced that the contract has been terminated after full discussion with the company due to personal reasons, the end of the activity as of May 27th.

In addition, we announced that we would like to express our understanding to the fans and that we will not spare our full support for the activities of EASTSHINE members in the future.

EASTSHINE made a comeback at 'Music Bank' on May 3rd with this digital single 'Heartthrob', and ended its music broadcasting activities through 'Inkiga' in the 4th week of May.

After that, he said that he was planning future Japanese and overseas promotions, and he would prepare to repay a lot of expectations and interest while promising their actions, such as reorganizing the team from a 7-member group to a 5-member group and planning the 2nd mini-album album in preparation for the second half of the year.

EASTSHINE is a Korean fifth-generation idol who debuted on November 16, 2023, and it has the meaning of wishing to become a SHINE in a country called Korea located in the EAST, and will be presented to fans as a multinational five-member boy group, including  IEL, HYUN, DONGJAE, PHOENIX (Thailand), LUMIN.


Herald Economy / Seo Byung-gi Senior reporter wp@heraldcorp.com


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