Growth and potential shown by EASTSHINE, 'Heartthrob'

16 May 2024
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'Heartthrob' hot reaction, kicking fans' hearts

[Herald Economy = Seo Byung-gi Senior reporter] After the 7-member boy group "EASTSHINE" released their first digital single 'HEARTTHROB' with a comeback through the hip-hop genre after the 1st mini album 'EMBERS'.

The digital single 'Heartthrob' was pre-released before the music video, and it seems to have introduced new musical attempts and changes while maintaining their signature dynamic sound.

Also, while capturing rich elements of the hip-hop genre, it maintains the unique style of "EASTSHINE", and it's a message to volume up at this moment, start your heart, enjoy music, and feel your heartbeat.

This new song was released worldwide at 12:00 noon on May 4th through various music platforms as a hip-hop chapter, and on May 3rd, along with the pre-release of KBS2's 'Music Bank', on May 4th, MBC's 'Show! 'Music-Centered', Arirang TV's 'Simply K-Pop' on May 6th, presented an energetic stage and is receiving a lot of attention from global fans.

As it is evaluated as a meaningful work that shows the musical evolution and growth of "EASTSHINE", the news that they are planning a world tour after the album activity is over, and their expectations for future activities are rising. It will appear on KBS Music Bank on May 17th, and it will be a good opportunity to check the musical passion and talent of "EASTSHINE" again.

Herald Economy / Seo Byung-gi Senior reporter

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