[Exclusive Interview] EASTSHINE are Ready to Ignite the World

8 Dec 2023
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Introducing the promising newcomers to the K-pop scene, the seven-member multinational boy group EASTSHINE, consisting of IEL, Youngkwang, Karis, Dongjae, Hyun, Lumin, and Phoenix, burst onto the stage with their highly anticipated debut mini album, "EMBERS," which was released on November 16. 

The meaning of the album's title "EMBERS" is  starting with a small spark and and lighting up the world with a bright light from the east like the sun, and the title song 'Double Down' also contains a message of hope. 'Double Down,' gives sympathy and comfort to youth moving toward their dreams in the sense that they should work harder, more persistently, and double their dedication. Although it starts as a small spark, it has a deep meaning that will grow one day.

Check out the music video for 'Double Down.' 

KpopWise was able to communicate with the group as they navigate through their busy schedules as rookies. In the interview we introduce you to EASTSHINE and ask some questions that fans wanted to know about.

At the helm of their debut, EASTSHINE's leader, IEL has demonstrated not only his rap prowess but also his versatility as a musician by participating in the lyric writing, for most of the album. "EMBERS" not only showcases the group's collective musical talent but also underscores their dedication to crafting an authentic sound.

Can your tell me about your songwriting process and inspiration?

IEL: I tend to write songs all at once when I want to, and I tend to refer to various music for inspiration, or I tend to write based on experience. Most of them are improvised humming.

How do you want fans to feel when they hear your songs?

DONGJAE: Sometimes inspiration, sometimes comfort, I hope it's healing.

What is a funny story from filming the music video?

YOUNGGWANG: I think it was fun to see the members not knowing how to take the lenses out of the car.

Setting themselves apart as true 'all-rounder idols,' EASTSHINE's creative prowess extends beyond the music. The group's multifaceted abilities are further highlighted as members collaboratively choreographed the captivating routines for the B-side tracks, 'SHOW TIME' and 'Cloud.' This dynamic approach to their craft not only cements their status as skilled performers but also signals a promising journey for the group as they navigate the intricate world of K-pop.

How difficult is it to make and learn choreography?

HYUN: There are not many difficulties in the process of making and learning choreography, so I think it's less difficult because I feel more proud when it's completed through the process of solving it!

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What are you looking forward to now that you’ve debuted?

PHOENIX: I love the stage so much that I want to present many more stages and have a fun performance in front of many fans!

Which artists are your role-models?

DONGJAE: I don't have a role model, but I'm trying to be a role model to someone because I respect all the artists!

Who would do the best in an escape room? Who would do the worst?

HYUN: I think it's an honor to always do his job calmly! The person I don't think I can do the most is Keonhee, but the reason is my secret!

Other than music, what is something you want to learn?

LUMIN: I studied and learned acting before I started doing music, so other than music, I would like to learn more

about acting.

What are your goals for 2024?

KARIS: To become a year without regrets, let's make our name known worldwide and top Korean music charts!

What is your message to fans who are supporting you?

IEL: Thank you for always showing interest in us and supporting us. Thanks to your support, we will continue to repay you as much as you like us!


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TikTok: @official_eastshine

YouTube: East Shine

Listen to EMBERS

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Special thanks to TM Entertainment and EASTSHINE for the interview. 

KpopWise / Ciera Reeves

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