• Song / Rap Field Of Application 

      Song / Rap / Dance / Visual producer / composition 

  • How to proceed 

      1st Audition (Audit) - 2nd Audition (On-site Audition and Camera Test) - Final Pass 

  • How to apply 

          * Click "Submit" after completing the application below and attaching the required submission materials 


        [Required Submission] 

           1. 3 photos (face close-up, upper body, full body) 

           2. Video from the support sector 

<Support Division>
How to shoot 
Song / Rap
Free song (for 1 section) *Please proceed with your face facing forward. 
Free song (1 section) *Please proceed so that you can see the whole body. 
Self PR (face/full body) *Please proceed with two versions: face and full body.

         * Please note that you will be automatically eliminated if you do not submit the required materials. 

         * Please note that the submitted materials will not be returned. 

         * Please note that only successful applicants will be notified individually by the e-mail and contact 
            information you wrote down 

  • How to inquire 

         E-MAIL : tment_audition@naver.com
         Instagram : tment_audition